NFL Database.

NFL database is in Microsoft Access format

The stats are from 1983 through last year and will include the current year schedule.

Game Date, Teams, Scoring by quarter, Game Surface, Sides Line, Total Line, Time of Possession, First Downs, Rushing Attempts, Rushing Yards, Pass Attempts, Pass completions, Passing yards, Interceptions, Return Yards, Penalties, Penalty Yards, Fumbles, Fumbles Lost, Sacks, Sack Yards, Punts, Punt Yards.

Please note, that while we've done everything possible to ensure them to be accurate, we offer no guarantee. You can view most of the info online, to see if it's to your satisfaction before purchasing.

You can also order (for $25)  the 2023/2024 database for either NCAA or NFL. It will be a separate MSAccess file that we will e-mail to you weekly and it will contain all the stats for the current season to that point.

 Anyway, if you're a do it yourselfer, and have some experience with databases, this is some great info to have.

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