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 If I start getting more, I'll post them all together somewhere - but for right now you'll see the 2 threads. 

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50505.fla or

6040d.fla or

6535d.fla or

Sent in by a long time MrNFL user and using his words"These formulas are above 60% since 2003". If you refine them and think you've made them better please send them in.
Previous years formulas

5248pr3wk.fla or

 A volume picker, had a great week 10 and is doing very well on the year. The author thinks it'll do very well in the second half the year. .

2000-4Power.fla     or
2000-6 100%.fla
or   2000-6
2000-7 100%.fla or   2000-7

2000-3.fla              or


99Best.fla        or
99Best1-6.fla  or

98Best1-6.fla  or

These were all sent in by Chad - the names are pretty self explanatory. 2000-3 with and without Power ratings are the newest. The 98 ones haven't done well in 2000, but 99 & 2000 are.

Here's a formula I use - great 3 year record, and 10-4-1 through week 3. I honestly don't remember if I made this one or it was sent to me, so if someone sent it in and wants credit please e-mail me, but I  think it was one of mine.

3Yar.flla        or or Deeeefense.fla  - Thanks Marc - For those looking for a consistent winning formula(s). Using this formula in consensus with the default for weeks 5-17 you get win percentages of:(1998 - 58%) (1997 - 77%)(1996 - 52%)(1995 - 57%)(1994 - 52%)(1993 - 83%)(

1992 - 54%) or 24-5.fla   Using my lines this is 24-5 for the year (through week 6), no losing weeks. or  5050-4.fla 74% 33-12-1 through wk 10 or 3lucky.fla  Using my lines this is 26-1-1 for the year (through week 11), no losing weeks.  

Good Regular Season Formulas or DaKillaWilla98.fla   (33-10-1 %76.7 +22.00 last year, 6-0-1 this year) or NewGold.fla by BookieBuster (wks 4-17 '93-'97) or Bengen.fla or Doc.fla

KD' or KD's.fla or SWID.fla or Krystal.fla (by Malibu - 10-1-1 w/my lines - Week 6) or Nikki.fla (by Malibu 13-3-0 w/my lines - Week 6) or Book.fla (by Malibu 7-1-0 w/my lines - Week 6) or Amazin.fla (by Malibu 15-0 thru Thursday Week 7) or GD100%.FLA (through week 7) or GD86-7%.FLA (through week 7)

Bad Regular Season Formulas or BAA12-5%.FLA (through week 7) or BAA7-7%.FLA (through week 7)

Over / Under Formulas or ByggTime.fla ByggTime Unders (35-12 -2 last year, 9-3-1 thru wk4)

SWID/ or SWID/OU.fla or Flawless.fla (8-0 thru Week 6 - by Malibu) or Goldfinger.fla (11-2 thru Thursday Week 7 - by Malibu) of MalibuOU.fla (15-2 thru Thursday Week 7 - by Malibu) of OUPR23-5.fla (O/U with power rating is 23-5-0 thru W of DramOU.fla (25-7 thru Week 1

What we want to do here is post winning formulas for everyone to use. If you would like to send us your formula(s) please just e-mail them (as attachments please) to formulas at if you would like your name posted with the formula just put something like "Use Name - Joe" in the subject or body of the e-mail. We will do our best to get the formulas posted within a day or so of receiving them.