Import Files for MrNFL.

Here are the 2022/23 weekly stats files. After each week was been played. The files were posted here. You can either download them directly from within MrNFL or you can come to this page download them and then import them into the programs. Each file is only about 1K in size and therefore only takes a second to download/import. They will be named Week01.23, Week02.23 etc.

They are posted early Tuesday morning (usually before 6AM ET). Each file is just that weeks stats, so if you miss a week, and then import the next weeks file, the program will let you know that something is missing and you'll just need to import the missing weeks file.

2023 Season files (Week 1 will appear with just the lines about a week before the season)

Week 1 Stats           Week 1 Zipped
Week 2 Stats           Week 2 Zipped
Week 3 Stats           Week 3 Zipped