MrOfficePool...The easiest way to run your pool.

 MrOfficePool makes it easy to run your office pool. From it's easy to navigate toolbar (see below) to its almost automatic player input it'll be huge timesaver if you run an office pool.

 MrOfficePool can run a straight or confidence pool and allows you to pick from a number of tiebreakers.

 If you have a web page or your players have e-mail access, you can run the entire pool in about 5 minutes a week! How?

 First, for e-mail, MrOfficePool will create a pick sheet for you that can be e-mailed to your players, they hit reply, fill it in and send it back - you then save the e-mails and when you get a minute import them into the program - You don't even need to type their names in the first week, as the import will take care of that for you.

 Same thing for the web page option (or you can use both). We've made a CGI script that you can put on your server (assuming you have CGI access, if not, we'll host it for you.) and then you just tell MrOfficePool to create the web page for you and when the players enter their picks online, it'll e-mail you their picks in a MrOfficePool importable format. The advantage to hosting the CGI yourself is that then MrOfficePool will also store the picks online (again in an importable file).

 So entering the player picks is easy but what about ranking the players? Once you enter enter your pool options, all the calculations are done for you automatically.

 Keeping your players informed is also a snap, MrOfficePool allows you to output everyone's picks to HTML in an easy to read chart. Plus, if you want to be a "nice guy" MrOfficePool will also make predictions and display all kinds of stats which you can also post to your web page to help out the players with their picks. They'll love you for it (of course you don't have to give them ALL the information you can get with it).

 View a sample stats page, you can put on your web page.

 View a sample pick sheet, you can put on your web page.

 Really though, there's no reason not to try MrOfficePool - if it doesn't have everything you want, you'll know long before you have to pay us a dime since it's FREE for the first 8 weeks of the season. If after that time you're not happy with it, then don't buy it.

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