MrNFL...The best in pro football handicapping.

Mr.NFL is entering it's 21st year now and has a VERY loyal following. Why? because it works. Using statistical analysis MrNFL will help you predict the outcome of future NFL games against the spread. It will display the statistics in an easy to read chart, it will make predictions based on formulas you can create and edit, it will give each team a power rating and rate their schedule strength. MrNFL takes about a minute a week to update with free stats downloading (a 1 K file) and we even give you a little betting advice from a veteran MrNFL user. Really though, there's no reason to try and sell the program to you since you can just download it free and use it for the first 8 weeks of 2014. If you don't find it the most useful tool in your collection, then don't bother to register it. The 8 weeks was our thanks for trying it. If you do find it useful, the registration fee is just $39.95 ($29.95 for previous users) and that includes everything, we don't try and sell you anything else, no previous years stats, no formula add-in, we don't sell the  playoffs (they're included) or "Joe Handicappers" best bets as a sideline. Everything is included.

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